Terms of Service We'll keep it simple

We (the folks at eppyjerk, LLC) provide a simple polling service for you to use and share. Polls are free to create, take and view; we ask that you think of us for your next poll too and tell your friends about us.

At this time we don't really have any restrictions on how many questions you can include, or how many options per question, but may in the future to provide a more streamlined experience.

However, we do not allow certain content within the polls, the questions and the options. Spam, pornography, hate speech, illegal activity, etc... are not welcome and will be shut down without warning.

Change Log
  • 11/19/2013 - Fixed the typo in the word Inital in the initial change log item right below
  • 3/21/2013 - Initial terms of service
Thank you WordPress.com for sharing their TOS even though we only took a little from it.